Meet, Greet and Leave 

Welcome to a house warming party / meet and greet. Bring anyone.

If supplies are avalible at your arrival free C2H5OH are at your disposal.
Beverages comes prepared with the S34M-compound.


Preview: Strings & Horns of 'At The Edge of What is Left'

An exclusive preview of the string and horn arrangement taken from the track 'At The Edge Of What Is Left'.
If you missed the release of the first singel 'We Are The Order' take a listen to it over at SSCA - Hallway 5 or at Full Grain Audio's indeepth article on PT:UFS.

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Re-release in High Def: bonus track off the ep "Black Star" (2008)

A HD release of the fairly unknown hidden track Wanna ____ ? off the 2008 EP Black Star.

This is a re-mixed and re-mastered version of the original track that brings the most out of the steaming se.. and adds some clarity, restored dynamics and overall the Hi-Def sound that initially was intended for the track. This is the first time this track surfaces in digital format, enjoy before we change our minds about it.

Click image above or here to listen to the song.

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Not World Wide: Release of 'PT:UFS' after 14th of September

Tropical Hippos album 'PT:UFS' will be released after the Swedish Election (14th of September) has taken place - but a world wide, mainstream release will not be available.

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Interview: The end of Propane Propane and the new album 'PT:UFS'

The swedish music site Allt För Musik recently interviewed Benjamin Thörnblom on the split up of Propane Propane and the process and foundations of making Tropical Hippos forthcoming album PT:UFS.

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Opening: The Swedish Safety & Control Authority

At the The Swedish Safety & Control Authority you can browse through surveillance streams and read documents on the illness 'S34M' and the PT:UFS-groups amongst other topics. You also have the ability to file a report on a anti-democratic website, which may have a positive outcome for you. After the report has been recived an evaluation is returned within the coming 48 hours.

New single released: 'We are the Order'

World premiere of the first single 'We are the Order' off the forthcoming album 'PT:UFS'. It is the first singles out of three in total and it is now available on stream over at

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'We Are The Order' (stream only)

Potential Threat: Under Full Surveillance:
Release TBA

'Potential Threat: Under Full Surveillance' is an massive conceptual album that has been in the making for the past three years. It tells an immense story of a segregated population, a corrupted and broken political system, a great revolution and the lives of the people in the future of Sweden and Europe.
This will be the first new music since the relase of the 2008 EP Black Star and TH's first offical debute album.

With six years in numerous of other projects and bands the sound of TH has evovled but with the essential elements intact. Combining influences from industrial music, video games and Benjamin Törnbloms background in the fuzz rock scene this album comes together in a mixture of huge soundscapes and a dark atmospher combined with punishing industrial, old console soundtracks and forceful electronic beats.

Release date TBA.

Alien 3: Mission 1 & 2 (broken minimalist version)

Here is TH's take on the Mission 1 & 2 off the Alien 3 soundtrack (NES). Full video on Youtube.

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